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Hey there,
My name is Daniel Davis. I was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I mostly grew up there but moved around when as I got older. Now I live in the States.

I created this web page so I could keep in touch with my Canadian roots, and keep up on my Canadian culture, events and whatever. Feel free to take a look around .

A Brief Canadian History The first people arrived in Canada from Asia via the land bridge in the very early BC era. The European discovery of Canada was made over one thousand years ago by Scandinavian explorers more commonly referred to as the Vikings. More western contact was made during attempts to find a quicker route to the East and the spice trade. Canada became a new source of income for Western Europe with the discovery of vast resources of fur. The Eastern side of North America was claimed mainly by the French and British, a permanent French settlement was established in the1600's. This of course was continually disputed during the wars between France and Great Britain. With the victory of the British the French ceded most of their territory. Canada became a refuge for crown loyalists of the colonies during the American war of independence. In 1791 upper and lower Canada were created. In 1848 Canada was granted responsible government by the British parliament.
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